Youth and Family

This fund supports LGBTQIA+ family formation, programs and services for youth experiencing homelessness, and ancillary costs of gender affirming care for youth that are not covered by health insurance.

LGBTQIA+ Community Health Fund

These funds support programs and services that expand access to LGBTQIA+ health care and wellness.

LGBTQIA+ Older Adults

This fund supports programs and services to reduce the social isolation experienced by many LGBTQIA+ older adults, who are at high risk for experiencing disparities in physical and mental health outcomes.

Gender-Affirming Care

This fund increases access and supports costs of gender-affirming care for trans and gender non-binary people that may not be covered by health insurance.

Professional Development, Training, and Education

This fund supports the development and implementation of high-quality professional development, training, and education to clinicians worldwide to support the provision of culturally responsive care to LGBTQIA+ people and those with HIV and vulnerable to HIV infection.

Behavioral and Mental Health

This fund supports the costs of behavioral and mental health care for vulnerable communities (i.e. LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, etc.) that are often not covered by health insurance.

Emergent Needs and Public Health

This fund supports emergency responses to new and emergent health care needs and threats to public health that are not covered by health insurance or public grants.

The Kenneth H. Mayer Fellowship for Research

This program is named for Dr. Kenneth H. Mayer, Fenway Health’s Medical Research Director and Co-Director of The Fenway Institute. The Fellowship will engage post-doctoral trainees and mid-career professionals in LGBTQIA+ and HIV clinical care and research.

Legal Advocacy

This fund supports Fenway Health’s legal advocacy challenging public policies that harm LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC individuals and families as well as those living with HIV or vulnerable to infection.

HIV/AIDS Care, Treatment, and Prevention

Fenway Health is a World-Renowned Provider of HIV/AIDS Care and the Largest Provider of Outpatient HIV Care in New England. Fenway Health provides comprehensive care to patients living with HIV infection, as well as research and prevention education for the community.